Champions: Altered States

In the year 2000, at precisely solar midnight, the greater metropolitan area of New York ceased to exist.


In a cascade of pulsing light, everyone and everything that was ever known faded away like an evening vapor.

With the dawning of the sun, shadows of alien buildings began to appear, and by solar noon the phenomenon was gone entire.

Behold Millennium City and her population! A fantastic counterpart to the now-lost city of old, this new metropolis boasted impossible technologies and was home to beings with even more impossible abilities.

But what was stranger still, was that most (though not all) of the people there were alternative versions of the lost citizens of New York that was. And to them, it was not the city that had changed, but the world around it.


It has been twenty years since that impossible day, and the very fabric of reality was transformed by it. Long established laws of matter and energy are subtly altered everywhere within the observable universe. Beings of myth and legend now walk the plains of humanity. Even presentations of what could only be called magic are not unheard of.

And Superheroes fill the streets and skies…


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